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Résidence Lumière is a unique residential building in the most prestigious district of Riga – the so-called “quiet centre”. Surrounded by parks, historical and architectural landmarks, this monument of Jugendstil architecture has been included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. But in the first place, Résidence Lumière is all about light, comfort and aesthetic pleasure for you and your family.


Everyone in Riga knows that someone living in the “quiet centre” is likely to be a well-off individual with a taste for the aesthetic. The district around Résidence Lumière is deservedly considered to be the most prestigious residential area in Riga with its magnificent architecture, quiet streets with little traffic, luxurious mansions which host the embassies of various countries, the best restaurants in the city, enjoyable  coffee shops, excellent  wine boutiques and shady parks. The area around Résidence Lumière conveys an air of tranquillity, prosperity and its residents’ ability to enjoy life to the full.


Upon entering Résidence Lumière, you will immediately notice the abundance of light and comfort inside the building. This is no accident. While retaining the authentic look and charm of the old building from the street side, all existing windows  to the courtyard have been widened and new French and regular balconies with full glass doors have been added. Several dozen new panoramic windows will be installed in the roof and newly constructed upper floor. Lighting plays a pivotal role in modern, comfortable living spaces so everything has been done to ensure Résidence Lumière provides a sunny, warm home where residents can enjoy an exclusive standard of living.


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